CSS (16)
Add class to element
Add inline styles
Autocomplete styles using values
Use color picker outside window
Debug CSS animation
Emulate color schemes
Emulate print styles
Find unused CSS
HWB color format
Inspect CSS Flexbox
Inspect CSS Grid
Locate styles in source
View styles for pseudo classes
View cascade layers
View computed styles
View styles of element
Other (10)
Capture full page screenshot
Capture viewport screenshot
Detect memory leaks
Open devtools with keyboard
Open devtools with mouse
Open devtools with new tab
Report issues
Restore default settings
Search files in sources
View in 3D
Elements (7)
Capture node screenshot
Drag Drop element
Emulate devices
Find by XPath
Find element with CSS selector
Get node XPath
Inspect dialog element
Console (11)
Capture screenshot from Console
Clear console
Get last return value
Get selected node
Open Console with keyboard
Output data as table
Preserve console logs
Run previous commands
Style console logs
Target iframe
Use labelled timer
JavaScript (6)
Debug attr change
Debug Event Listeners
Debug XHR/Fetch calls
Debug JavaScript
Disable JavaScript
Find unused JavaScript
Network (6)
Disable cache
Filter multiple resources
Filter requests by keyword
Filter requests by properties
Inspect requests
Show URL path
Accessibility (5)
Find color contrast
Show tab order
Simulate vision deficiencies
View accessibility tree
View ARIA attrs
  1. Can I DevTools? is like @CanIUse but for the browser devtools. It is created by Pankaj Parashar and curated by the community.
  2. There is a lot of coverage on browser devtools just exclusively focused on Chrome. Can I DevTools attempts to fix that by comparing and contrasting devtool features across all major browsers.
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